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about CRIS

CRIS is a Communication Resource and Information Service for health development in Belfast HSC Trust and South Eastern HSC Trust in Northern Ireland.

Colette Darragh

Colette Darragh Office Management

Colette makes things happen – she oversees the daily administration and business of CRIS. Colette is the gatekeeper to the purse strings and services of CRIS. With a wealth of experience in public sector policies and procedures Colette makes doing business with CRIS an exercise in efficiency.

Hazel Fisher

Hazel Fisher Information Management

What do you want to know? Hazel has knowledge and experience of conducting evidence searches and answering public enquiries. She has a postgraduate qualification in Library and Information Management. Google will find you a million answers but Hazel can assist you to find the right one.

Alison Scott

Alison Scott Designer

Alison is a Graphic Designer. Alison brings experience from various private sector design posts. Perhaps because of this Alison seems to have cornered the market in HSC branding and identity design. She carries the office moniker of ‘Logo Queen’ with her customary aplomb.

Lynne Crosby

Lynne Crosby Designer

Lynne came to CRIS after a period as Graphic Designer with SHSCT. Lynne’s work focused on public health issues in the past but has broadened to include many corporate publications and external contracts. Lynne has a personal passion for fitness and exercise regimes and she brings a similar rigour and           discipline to her design work.

Hilda Kerlin

Hilda Kerlin Designer

Hilda is a Graphic Designer who brings a particularly imaginative approach to her work and specialises in bright and illustrative work. Many of CRIS resources designed for children’s health or education are the result of Hilda’s expertise. Hilda thinks in pictures.

Ruth Nelson

Ruth Nelson Designer

Ruth is the longest serving Graphic Designer in CRIS. Her work is predominantly around health improvement but she has a portfolio of designs representing everything from pregnancy planning to bereavement. Ruth is meticulous and keeps good records – do not try to bluff her. Ruth is Sheila’s twin sister.

Sheila Jamieson

Sheila Jamieson Designer

Sheila joined CRIS from the Royal Hospitals in 2007. If you have ever been a patient or visited a hospital, the chances are that you will have encountered Sheila’s work. As well as Patient Information, Sheila takes responsibility for many corporate reports. Sheila is Ruth’s twin sister. She is equally attentive to detail and may have access to Ruth’s records.

David McCabe

David McCabe Head of Communication

David’s background is in Design and Marketing and he has managed the team at CRIS since its establishment in 2001. His unique leadership style has created a diverse and creative team who enjoy working together to provide a professional, quality service to their clients in Health and Social Care. David does not have a dog.

David Greenlees

David Greenlees Project Management

David came to CRIS with a background in business and finance. He has managed projects at CRIS ranging from national and international partnership programmes to smaller one-off resource production exercises. David’s special interest is logistics.

Gerard Ranaghan

Gerard Ranaghan Resources

Gerard is responsible for Resources at CRIS. He manages a stock list of over 300,000 items and fulfils orders within quality standard guidelines. Gerard engages freely with suppliers and end-users alike. Everyone knows Gerard.

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